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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reno, NV--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- EcoTec Fuels LLC recognized for its revolutionary CFC 300 ™ Catalytic Fractional Conversion System for conversion of biomass waste in light fuel oils announces, it has become a Nevada corporation and changed its name to Catalytec, effective November 20, 2013.


Chief Executive Officer, Christian Koch, commented: “the waste to fuel industry is undergoing a momentous market transition and Catalytec is at the forefront of providing smaller, modular on-site waste to fuel systems compatible with a broad range of liquid and solid waste streams.  CEO Koch continued: “ Changing our corporate form from an LLC to a “C” Corporation also represents an improvement in Catalytec’s position to take advantage of significant corresponding investment and growth opportunities now becoming available to us in the waste management to fuel sector”, concluded Koch.

Catalytec COO and Co-Founder, Jeffery Hershkowitz, added: “Our smaller waste to energy “catalytic fractional conversion” systems are one of the first of their kind specifically designed to be co-located on site at the source of the waste stream.  We have experienced increasing interest in our technology from MSW transfer stations and our corporate format allows us to potentially expand our capital base and develop and install these systems more economically.  The corporate format also allows us to more closely align our interests with “Catalytec GmbH” in Furth, Germany to engineer innovative new waste treatment products based on our catalytic CFC Systems technology.

About Catalytec

Catalytec was originally organized in 2009 as EcoTec Fuels LLC, a limited liability company, when the company’s engineers recognized a need to design a new efficient, production-scale, low temperature system platform, utilizing catalytic thermal hydrocracking as applied to the conversion of MSW and organic waste or residue waste streams, into readily usable liquid fuels.  The system had to be relatively small, modular, low-cost to operate and adaptable to a wide range of applications at the source of the waste. The system was first brought to North America in 2010 by Christian Koch and Jeffery Hershkowitz.  The company as a C Corporation under its new name Catalytec maintains its current offices in Reno, Nevada.  

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