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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catalytec’s Revolutionary CFC 300 ™ Catalytic Fractional Conversion System is to be tested at Alcoa’s Warrick Operations in Evansville, Indiana for Catalytic Conversion of Alcoa’s organic waste materials into fuel oil under a definitive agreement recently entered into between Catalytec and Alcoa.


We are pleased to  announce one of the first of its kind, waste to energy “catalytic fractional conversion” technology projects to utilize Alcoa Inc.’s (NYSE: AA) rolling mill waste oils and other organic byproducts as feedstock for potential conversion into liquid fuel at Alcoa’s Warrick Operations.  The Warrick Operations is one of the largest aluminum smelting and fabrication facilities in the world. Catalytec intends to operate its CFC 300 System™ on–site.  Alcoa has agreed to supply its waste oils in addition to other waste byproducts which may include plastics, paper and wood.  Catalytec is working to have the system operational by the third quarter of 2014.  Catalytec’s first proof of concept and design system was previously operated at Alcoa’s Micromill™ facility near Reno, NV, from 2010-2012.

Catalytec has labeled its technology as “catalytic fractional conversion” because its system breaks long- chain carbon molecules, the composition of the various organic waste streams, into smaller “fractions” utilizing its unique low temperature catalytic system.  Substantially more efficient than pyrolysis, the combustion-less CFC 300 System™ is closed-looped and essentially emission-free.  While increasing conversion efficiency, the relative low temperature range assures virtually no formation of coke, hazardous halogens or other toxins improving environmental safety.  Catalytec’s CFC 300 System™ can potentially convert Alcoa’s organic waste materials into a middle distillate fuel oil.  Not an additive, but a straight fuel, the product will be sold or blended as low sulfur diesel or fuel oil.  Each CFC system incorporates Catalytec’s patents pending viscous high pressure, friction driven, rapid flow design that can convert a wide range of liquid and solid organic waste materials.  

The companies intend to work together to evaluate and test Catalytec's CFC 300 System for use on-site at Alcoa's Warrick facilities and potentially on-site at other Alcoa facilities depending on the successful results of the testing at Warrick.

“Sustainability is at the core of Alcoa’s practices and we at Catalytec support and applaud Alcoa’s recognized worldwide leadership.  We are delighted that our Company has been recognized as a potential contributor to those core values” said Catalytec’s chief executive officer Christian Koch.  “As one of the first installations of Catalytec’s CFC technology in North America, the Alcoa Warrick Operations in Evansville represents an exciting step forward in eco-friendly, industrial waste conversion into fuels, with significant savings in terms of required energy, cost to produce, safety and sustainable clean energy production.”

Catalytec’s engineers developed its CFC System technology, based on a fluid dynamic process that uses a proprietary catalyst,  which provides low-temperature thermal hydrocracking of a wide range of organic waste materials (used oils, fats, greases, plastics, MSW, medical waste, agricultural waste, commercial or industrial organic waste, biomass, etc.) with an extremely high rate of efficiency and low cost.  The chemical reaction occurs in seconds at temperatures maintained below 340°C

Catalytec was originally organized as EcoTec Fuels LLC in 2009, when the company’s engineers recognized a need to design a new efficient, production-scale, low temperature system platform, utilizing catalytic thermal hydrocracking as applied to the conversion of MSW and organic waste or residue waste streams, into readily usable liquid fuels.  The system had to be relatively small, modular, low-cost to operate and adaptable to a wide range of applications at the source of the waste.  The technology was first brought to North America in 2010 by Christian Koch and Jeffery Hershkowitz the company’s President.  In November of 2013 EcoTec Fuels LLC completed a statutory conversion to a C corporation under Nevada law and changed its name to Catalytec.  Catalytec currently has offices in Reno, Nevada and affiliated engineering and research operations in Furth, Germany.