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In 2009, a need was recognized to provide an efficient, production-scale, continuous-flow system platform, utilizing catalytic thermal hydrocracking as applied to the conversion of MSW or specific organic waste or residue streams, into readily usable liquid fuel. The system must be relatively small, modular, flexible and adaptable to a wide range of applications. It must be reliable, simple and low-cost to operate. Customer service and support must be top-notch. And thus Catalytec was born.

Catalytec’s purpose is to design, build and implement our Catalytec CFC Systems™ world-wide, in a variety of specific applications, as well as to develop improvements and breakthroughs in technical know-how, with respect to catalytic hydrocarbon conversion and efficient fractional distillation of low or no-value materials, into high quality middle distillate fuel oils.


katalytische Nachverbrennung KNV