Catalytic Fuel Technology


Catalytic Converters

Automotive platinum catalytic converters are intrinsic to the emissions control systems in all modern gasoline and diesel engine propelled vehicles. Platinum has an average cost of approximately $360 per vehicle depending on the size and type of the engine. Our cutting edge Catalytec coating technology for these emissions systems has the potential to significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of platinum per vehicle if our collaboration with Arconic is successful. Read our 2020 Update for more details on this new technology.

An added benefit is the unique design that introduces rapid heat induction to the Arconic aluminum core to increase efficiency of our Catalytec coating technology. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, so the unique design absorbs heat very quickly. The rapid heat conductivity possible with aluminum greatly reduces cold start emissions from the engine without secondary air injection pump systems currently in use today. We are focused on the following goals for this new technology.

  • Replacing or reducing platinum and other precious metals in automotive catalytic converters
  • Reduce production costs of common catalytic converters by using Arconic’s newly developed aluminum powders for industrial 3D printing.
  • Using rapid induction heat technology to increase reaction time and efficiency of catalyst converters.
  • Reduce Nox in the exhaust gases by combining different catalysts at high surface temperatures


The average catalyst converter selling price in the vehicle industry is approximately $450. With more than 91 million new vehicles produced in 2019 alone, this corresponds to a market size of approximately $372 billion (selling price). Platinum and Rhodium utilization amounts make up approximately 50-60% of the production costs!