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Catalytec has engaged the services of a lobbying firm in Washington D.C. to propose an approximate $53 USD grant to the United States Department of Energy for the construction of six waste to energy full Catalytec CFC™ systems.

Catalytec Shareholders Can Access the DOE Submission Through Our Shareholder Portal (Login)


We at Catalytec remain focused on the two most important goals for our shareholders: (i) completion and operation of a full CFC 300L™ system to demonstrate our unique technology’s commercial viability; and (ii) Catalytec listing our common stock shares on a public stock exchange, i.e. “going public.” I am addressing each of these goals separately for clarity in this update, but they are interdependent and critical for the success of our company.

ALCOA breach of contract at its Evansville Operations - 2016

As you are familiar, we had hoped to finally complete a full Catalytec CFC 300™ system at Alcoa’s Warrick Operations.  In management’s opinion Alcoa did not perform under the terms of our contract.  Alcoa did not deliver the quantity of its oily – waste water feedstock required by the terms and conditions of the project’s contract for our Phase 1 system to produce 625,000 net oil gallons/yr.

Attempts to find a "Work-Out" solution with ALCOa - 2016

After Alcoa refused to provide the amount of oily – waste water for the project from its Warrick Operations, or truck in additional oily waste water from other Alcoa operations, it became clear a full CFC 300L™ system could not be profitable at Alcoa’s Warrick Operations. Alcoa initially put an offer on the table to compensate us with a service fee for separating its oily - waste water for recycling utilizing our Phase 1 system.  However, the service fee was only $0.03/gal. of oily - waste water.  That amount would not cover the minimum operating costs of operating the Phase 1 system at the Warrick Operations.

CATALYTEC post ALCOA – 2016 -2017

In response to these events we faced a choice of two disparate strategies going forward. The one choice was to bring a legal cause of action for damages against Alcoa for breach of contract. A decision on this strategy was postponed given Pennsylvania’s four year statute of limitations for breach of written contracts, and Indiana’s similar six year statute. In other words, we reasoned Catalytec will still be able to timely file a lawsuit against Alcoa at a minimum four years in the future. We also reasoned that the split up of Alcoa into two companies Alcoa and Arconic in 2016 might still result in a go –forward project for Catalytec, after the management “shakeup” at Alcoa/Arconic that is still ongoing. We therefore embarked on solicitation of 3rd party locations to move our Phase 1 system to a location that could supply at least 625,000 gallons of “net” oil so we could regenerate operating revenues. We are currently looking at two locations. One site is located near Reno, Nevada and a second site near Evansville, Indiana. We cannot predict the outcome of our inquiries at this time.

“Going Public" - 2017

Catalytec’s Investment bankers had proposed several “go-public” transactions contingent on a successful project at Alcoa. These transactions were designed to raise the capital necessary to complete construction and installation of a full CFC 300L™ system after the Phase 1 system was installed at Alcoa’s Warrick Operations. With the loss of the Alcoa project and its projected revenues “go-public” has become a problem.  According to advice from our investment banker we have to find a replacement for the Alcoa project before a successful “go-public” transaction can be accomplished. We continue working to be successful in finding a waste site or industrial corporation that needs a Phase 1 system for separation of waste oils. We would then use the separated oils as feedstock for our full CFC 300L™ system.  If we can regenerate operating income with such a project, management and our investment banker are of the combined opinion we will be able to attract a candidate publicly traded “shell” corporation and become a listed stock.

Grant funding- 2017

In an effort to raise capital critical for building a full Catalytec CFC 300L™ system we have also embarked on a funding strategy to apply for government research and development grants.  Accordingly, we have engaged the services of a lobbying firm in Washington D.C.  The firm has advised us to propose an approximate $53 million dollar grant to the United States Department of Energy for the construction of six waste to energy full Catalytec CFC™ systems. We should receive a decision in late September or early October from the DOE. A copy of our DOE proposal is posted for all shareholders to access thru the shareholder portal on the “Contacts” page of this website. If you don’t have the access codes send us an email with your request, and upon verification of your share ownership we will return the information necessary to access the information behind the shareholder portal. 

If there is any material breaking development, we will post additional updates to the website for our shareholders. Look for our next update just before the Christmas holidays.  


Friday, January 30, 2015

With Alcoa having finished their feedstock delivery line Catalytec is now able to run their Phase One separation equipment. Strong efforts have been made to establish a reliable and continuous production of oil free from water and solids. Catalytec now aims at shipping one truck of oil per week to their customers and gains revenue with the Alcoa project.


Right now Catalytec is designing the Phase Two CFC 300L system for Alcoa. In 2015 this equipment will start to convert Phase One product into a higher grade fuel.

Catalytec Project at Alcoa Exceeds 1 Million Gallons

Friday, November 06, 2015

Catalytec has exceeded the 1 Million Gallon mark of processing waste water at Alcoa Inc.'s (NYSE: AA) Warrick Operations near Evansville, Indiana. Catalytec's Phase One separating system has proved the removal of waste oils, solvents and solids from oily waste water can be commercially achieved. Catalytec's new Phase Two CFC System that will convert the separated oily waste into straight fuel oils at the Alcoa Project, utilizing low temperature catalytic depolymerization, is scheduled to begin operations in 2016.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Catalytec's Phase One preprocessing is an essential subsystem that separates and removes oil, water, aluminum, and other inorganic particulate in Alcoa's oily waste water in preparation for introduction as a feedstock for the CFC 300L System. Phase One is expected to generate interim revenues for Catalytec from the sale of this oil until the full CFC 300L System is launched in Phase Two. The full CFC 300L System is expected to convert approximately 626,000 gallons of this oil into a straight fuel for sales to refineries, distributors and end users in 2015.