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VOC Scrubbing – No After-Burning With Fossil


We specialize in sustainable catalytic technologies for removing harmful airborne volatile organic compound (VOC) pollution in exhaust air without thermal after-burning of fossil fuels! We have engineered custom proprietary VOC abatement catalytic air scrubber systems for commercial and industrial applications. Catalytec catalytic air scrubbers are uniquely designed with our patented technology process of coating ceramic honeycomb “cubes” with non-precious-metal, mixed oxide catalyst crystals. After years of research and development in Europe, we've successfully installed our catalytic abatement air scrubber systems at over one hundred industrial and commercial EU companies, including Zeiss, Rolex, Phillips and Bosch. 

Our systems offer you the following advantages:

    •          no fossil fuels required;
    •          no thermal after-burning;
    •          lightweight and compact design;
    •          can be retrofitted in existing HVAC systems;
    •          low maintenance;
    •          renewable catalyst cubes;
    •          high reliability and durability;
    •          significantly lower energy consumption;
    •          lower reaction temperature.


Mixed Oxide Catalyst Crystals

Most VOC air emissions cleaning systems in North America use natural gas burners that must heat large volumes of exhaust gases to extremely high temperatures (> 1.500⁰ F) in order for this type of system to perform accurately. At Catalytec, we believe the burning of fossil fuels isn't a sustainable solution for the removal of VOCs from exhaust gases. Our VOC Technology was designed to eliminate the current need for high cost precious metal catalysts in commercial and small to medium scale industrial VOC removal applications. Platinum and other expensive precious metals with their adverse impact on the environment are no longer needed.

Catalytec conversion systems utilize our proprietary processing of mixed oxide catalyst crystals to achieve efficient chemical reactions with 60% to 80% lower operating temperatures than fossil fuel burning systems.  All our VOC systems incorporate highly efficient recuperative heat recovery non-contact air-to-air electric heat exchangers for an unbeatable economic footprint. The chemical reaction of our mixed oxide catalyst crystals outperform existing thermal combustion systems, and thus eliminates the need for expensive platinum and other precious metal catalysts that must be routinely replaced.  Our proprietary honeycomb micro duct structures are pre-coated with mixed oxide catalyst crystals. The catalyst is durable and has a high resistance to heat and typical catalyst poisons. 

The acicular structure of the mixed oxide catalyst crystals enlarges the catalyzing surface contact area, enabling a more effective surface exposure to and conversion of contaminant loads to their non-poisonous components. Thus, the catalyst binds with VOCs, converting them to inert elements, and at a substantially lower temperature than standard combustion methods. 

Our mixed oxide catalyst crystal are a new technology in the abatement of VOC exhaust gases when used in thermal-catalytic post-combustion of solvent-containing exhaust air. The operating temperature of our catalysts begins at 300 °C. This significantly reduces energy costs. Depending on the application and pollutants, operating temperatures of up to 500 °C are also possible. The catalytic activity is based on the adsorption and desorption of the harmful gases on the mixed oxide catalyst crystals. VOC gases are flamelessly converted into carbon dioxide and water. The structure of our “cubes” combined with catalyst temperature stability results in a long service life before the “cubes” need to be renewed.