Waste Solutions

Waste Solutions

Renew, Recycle, Reuse, Refine

Our vision is to radically convert the current waste management industry’s strategic model from recycle, reuse and renew to recycle, reuse, renew, then refine. We can deliver our pre-assembled Modular-Chain™ Catalytec CFC 700 System™ on site including any MSW transfer station nationwide and refine MSW into catalytic fuels for profit.

The Catalytec CFC 700 System™ can convert multiple waste streams to profitable liquid fuel, using a carbon neutral, highly efficient, pollution-less, modular  and economically viable process. Using municipal solid and/or liquid waste as feedstock, the produced fuel is a straight fuel, not an additive, with equal or better power (BTU’s) produced, as compared to  US highway #4 diesel fuel  (ASTM D975). The resulting fuels can also be mixed with conventional or existing fuel supplies.

Low-Cost Catalytic Fuels

Catalytic fuel is produced by converting various hydrocarbon feedstock, including MSW, biomass, waste oils, plastics, and any other organic waste or residue stream, using our patents-pending, low temperature, combustion-less, continuously operating system. The produced fuel can then be immediately used as burner fuel/heating oil or easily further refined into:

  • Diesel Fuel #2 (ASTM-D975, D2S15-S500) for highway use
  • Fuel #3 and #4 (ASTM D975) for ships, railroad, heavy industry and power generation
  • Home Heating Fuel (ASTM-D396)


We believe our Modular-Chain™ designed Catalytec CFC 700 Systems™ can offer lower Capex and Opex costs, which translate into self-sustaining refining of catalytic fuels at production costs below fossil fuels, bio-fuels and agri-based fuels, without  government subsidies.

Modular-Chain Design

A Catalytec CFC 700 System™ can incorporate a single stand-alone core unit, or a “Modular-Chain™” linked, multiple-unit redundant system.

Depending on the number of core units linked in an Catalytec CFC 700 System™, a wide range of throughput types and volume capacities can be accommodated.

Our patents-pending Modular-Chain™ standardized design also allows our Catalytec CFC 700 Systems™ to BE FABRICATED AND PRE-ASSEMBLED OFF-SITE THEN TRANSPORTED to large or small waste transfer stations, biomass feedstock developers, and landfill sites wherever they are located. The Catalytec CFC 700 Systems™ have the potential to decentralize and convert today’s passive municipal and industrial waste logistics management sites into proactive profitable waste-to-fuel revenue production facilities.